Melt by We-Vibe

Melt by We-Vibe

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Melt by We-Vibe offers a brand new experience for adult pleasure. With air pressure instead of vibration for stimulation, Melt uses subtle changes in the air around the clitoris to supply strong and intense sensations.

Melt works through pulsating waves leading to a gentle change in air pressure around the clitoris (tiny little micro-suctions) to create a suction sensation. How does Melt compare with other suction-style vibrators? Melt is flossy's vote for the absolute best and highest quality suction style vibrator on the market.

The rim of the hollow opening encircles the clitoris, but the clitoris touches nothing but air which means the clitoris can recuperate pretty quickly and keep going to more orgasms, without any temporary desensitisation that can happen with conventional vibrators.

The motor in Melt is whisper quiet for use anywhere, and is fully rechargeable for your convenience. It also contains a low power alert and is fully waterproof. Melt is covered in the highest quality soft silicone fully body safe.

The visionaries: Husband and wife couple, Bruce and Melody Murison (Co-Founders)

Mission: To design and develop intimate products that work in sync with the human body.

Break it down: After extensive research, husband and wife couple, Bruce and Melody Murison wondered why the sexual wellness industry was full of products that were intimidating, poorly designed and cheaply made. Enter We-Vibe - high-quality intimacy products that are designed to work in sync with the human body.

Discreet-ish packaging

You can rest assured your housemate will have no idea what's inside your box from flossy. - but we'd be lying if we didn't say our packaging is pretty fun 📦 🤩

Female-owned business

In an industry that's run by 70% men, flossy. Co-founders Annie & Caroline are passionate about creating a sex-shop experience designed specifically for people with vulvas.

Curated and tested

We've researched 50+ brands in the market and, with help from the flossy. community, narrowed it down to the absolute best products so you truly can't pick wrong.

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