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An ergonomic vibe giving you clit-enveloping or pinpointed stimulation. Powerful & waterproof, its five speeds provide lots of power in a travel-friendly package.

Kip’s prism-esque profile makes it easy to hold from many angles. Its rounded edges and soft silicone allow it to sit in your hand like an ergonomic pencil, so you can deliver vibration with pinpoint accuracy.

Kip’s tip delivers strong vibration exactly where you need it. Its cupped face can provide broad vibes to your whole vulva, while its bendy point flutters at higher speeds for precision pleasure.

The visionaries: Al Fine (CEO & Sexologist) and Janet Leiberman (CPO & Engineer)

Mission: closing the Pleasure Gap: the disparity in satisfaction that people with vulvas experience in the bedroom, versus their cis male counterparts.

Break it down: 91% of heterosexual cis men report "usually" or "always" orgasming during sex compared with 39% of heterosexual cis women. Dame is here to eliminate this gap once and for all.

Discreet-ish packaging

You can rest assured your housemate will have no idea what's inside your box from flossy. - but we'd be lying if we didn't say our packaging is pretty fun 📦 🤩

Female-owned business

In an industry that's run by 70% men, flossy. Co-founders Annie & Caroline are passionate about creating a sex-shop experience designed specifically for people with vulvas.

Curated and tested

We've researched 50+ brands in the market and, with help from the flossy. community, narrowed it down to the absolute best products so you truly can't pick wrong.