Let's Talk About Lube With Co-Founders of Lube Brand FIGR

Let's Talk About Lube With Co-Founders of Lube Brand FIGR

If you've ever walked into an adult store, you'll likely be able to picture the tacky, hypersexualised lube brands that may or may not be collecting dust. As if there wasn't already enough shame and stigma around using lube... we need brands and products that actually reinforce the feeling of seediness when pulling them out of the bedside table? I think NOT.

Enter, FIGR. Australian-based, female-run lube brand that's tossing out the tacky lube rulebook in exchange for badass branding, 100% body-safe ingredients and and mission that's driven by the determination to stamp out the stigma associated with the purchasing lube.

This week, we wanted to hear from the Eloise’s (yes they're both named Eloise), co-founders of FIGR. We also asked them burning questions about all things lube from the Flossy audience. 

Flossy: Hi Eloise x Eloise! We have to know... how did you meet and why FIGR?

FIGR: We met 5 years ago at a corporate office and we fell in love instantly potentially because we shared a name. At the time of FIGR’s inception there was a prevalent gap in the way lube was being marketed and sold to the people. Lube needed to be different, so we did it.

Flossy: If FIGR was a spirit animal, what would it be?

FIGR: Mermaid….you can guess why.

You Asked, FIGR answered.

Flossy: What’s the difference between water-based, silicone-based & oil-based?

FIGR: In short: Water-based lube is made with H20, is versatile AF and is compatible with all silicone sex toys and condoms.

Silicone-based lube should not be used with silicone toys as it will break it down. However, as it’s slippery & long lasting, it requires less to be applied. Great for shower sex & masturbation and anal. Word of advice, never spill it on hardwood floors, it’ll stain and be a slip hazard for months!

Oil-based provides a slippery luxurious feel, also doubles up as a massage oil drools. Some oils have a high pH cough coconut oil cough which can lead to infection. Also they will stain your sheets so lay that towel down.

Anon: Why do you think there is stigma around using lube?

FIGR: This is directly related to the shame women experience through what’s shown in mainstream media and porn. Women, especially young women, are meant to get wet in the spark of the moment and stay wet. If you can't, the problem lies with you. The stigma, especially in a cis-hetero relationships is that lubricant is only meant to be used when anal is present. None of this could be further from the truth.

Anon: What ingredients are bad in lube?

FIGR: For vulva owners anything that is not between 3.8 and 4.5. Will not be a fun time down the line. Also - Glycerin, its a sugar alcohol and too much of this can lead to bacterial growth and shitty side effects like yeast infections and UTIs.

Anon: Is lube safe for my bits?

FIGR: It depends on the ingredients present in the lube.

We’d recommend taking a close look and doing your own research. Any lube company that claims their product is 100% natural is taking you for a ride - all lubes need to contain a preservative.

It’s also worth noting that, just like skin care, different people can react differently to certain ingredients. We recommend doing a spot test on the back of your hand just to be safe.

Anon: Should lube be used in sex between two women?

FIGR: Lube is for everyone and should be used in every sexual encounter (if desired).

Anon: What is the best lubricant for males?

FIGR: Our lube was designed for the vulva first and foremost (due to the lack in the market), however we’ve been receiving glowing reviews from all genders & ages 〰️ chefs kiss.

FIGR Fluid is light hydrating lubricant and overtime soaks into the skin. If you’re after a longer lasting lubricant in an area that doesn’t self-lubricate then silicone is the go.

Anon: What is the best lube for my Kip vibe?! (aka silicone toy)

FIGR: Any water-based lubricant should be safe to use with a silicone sex toy - best to avoid using silicone-based lube with silicone vibes!

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