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Designed specifically for people with vulvas. We’ve researched 50+ of the absolute best vibes on the market, and after surveying our audience, narrowed it down to the top products that we believe every bedside table deserves.

Imagine a sex shop where you get a glass of champagne upon entry

After discussing a recent sex shop experience Caroline had in Brisbane, we wondered why there wasn't a space where it feels like Apple meets Glossier except it's sex toys. As if masturbation doesn't already feel shameful – we questioned why does the buying experience have to feed into that?!

Trading seediness for shame-free pleasure

flossy. is a space that trades seediness, overwhelm, and hypersexualisation for an experience of buying sex toys that simply feels good.

Meet Annie & Caroline

Best friends turned business partners, fixated on changing the sexual wellness industry for people with vulvas one good experience at a time.

People we partner with

We don't claim to be experts in sex so we partner with people in sexual health to give you the sex ed you deserve.

Anthea Balfour

Anthea Balfour

Consulting Somatic Psychotherapist

Brands we partner with

We only stock brands that are high-quality (either 100% body-safe silicone or medical grade) and have a sleek and approachable design specifically for people with vulvas.

Le Wand
Dame Products