Hey, we're flossy!

A pleasure-first community supporting you to feel good, your way.

Our Mission

flossy exists to inspire everyone to find their unique pleasure through high-quality pleasure products, open conversations, and a safe space to explore.

We acknowledge that pleasure comes in many forms, and we are continuously working to create a platform that recognizes them all. This is an ongoing journey shaped by our team and community.

Our Shared Values


Embodying radical acceptance of our desires, and helping our community feel seen and acknowledged in theirs.


Offering everybody in our community a safe place to express and explore their pleasure.


Providing top-shelf products and accessible resources to help our pleasure people find their way.

Meet the Founders

Best friends turned business partners, we share the belief that prioritizing pleasure fundamentally impacts the way we connect with ourselves and the world around us. Together, we aim to create a unique space where everyone feels worthy of exploring what feels good.

Top Shelf Products

At flossy we take great care in choosing the products we stock. All of our products are 100% body-safe, made with clean ingredients and are beautifully designed to elevate the pleasure of all people.

Pleasure People

Anthea Balfour

Anthea Balfour

Consulting Somatic Sexologist & flossy
Pleasure Expert

Our Brands

flossy is a personalized sexual wellness destination – think Glossier meets multiple orgasms.

Our Community

Ultimately, we are empowering our community to pursue pleasure in a way that improves their quality of life


"flossy takes the confusion and shame out of shopping. They only show the best of the best of everything – toys, lube, and pleasure products! I'm also obsessed with the packaging – the extra detail and wrapping – I'm actually in love 😍"

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"flossy to me is so important and such a triumph in the sexual health industry. flossy provides a safe space where I am able to learn and understand sexual health and wellness. You women are incredible!!!"

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"flossy is not your average sex shop. I love shopping with them because they genuinely care about creating an experience that feels safe, empowering, and shame-free. From their helpful advice to the beautiful packaging, every detail has your pleasure in mind."

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"For me flossy is important because it has an intersectional ethos and empowerment is at the heart of everything they do. From the educational content, diverse individuals, and experts they feature to destigmatizing sexual health topics flossy fosters a safe and inclusive community."

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"flossy is the go-to for all things pleasure and sexual wellness! Their range is curated for only the BEST products, and their content is second to none — I’m always learning about and embracing pleasure thanks to flossy."

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