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“I really like that the Fin is made so that it’s easy for you or your partner to wear. It’s a really fun vibrator to have in the mix.”

Kat, lover of partner vibes

Nova 2
We-VibeNova 2
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Sale priceFrom $189.00
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How to Discuss Your Kinks With a Partner

How to Discuss Your Kinks With a Partner

Setting boundaries is particularly important when engaging with kink, roleplaying, and fantasies. Talking about these things for the first time is hard, but it will get easier the more you do. If this is new to your partner, respect them and give them time to make a decision.
The 5 Pleasure Languages

The 5 Pleasure Languages

Discover your pleasure language: The Pleasure Languages are based on the many fundamentals. We chat Somatic Sexologist, Anthea Balfour.
Hey, we're flossy 👋

Hey, we're flossy 👋

We share the belief that prioritizing pleasure fundamentally impacts the way we connect with ourselves and the world around us. Together, we aim to create a unique space where everyone feels worthy of exploring what feels good.