Inclusive Pleasure Revolutionized: Meet Luddi, a Top Shelf Brand

Inclusive Pleasure Revolutionized: Meet Luddi, a Top Shelf Brand

Discover what makes Luddi a Top Shelf brand in flossy's exclusive interview. Learn how Luddi prioritizes inclusivity, accessibility, and innovation in sexual wellness. From high-quality, body-safe products to empowering the disability community, find out why Luddi is transforming the industry.

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Welcome to The Top Shelf – a flossy exclusive series where we dig into the best of the best, Top-Shelf-worthy intimacy wellness brands. Here on The Top Shelf, we provide insight into high-quality products that are designed to elevate whatever form of pleasure you desire.

As expert curators, flossy aims to inspire our community to support brands and products that prioritize their enjoyment, desire, and wellness. With a commitment to innovative design, clean, high-quality ingredients, and 100% body-safe materials, flossy's Top Shelf products are designed to elevate the pleasure of all people.

Today, we’re welcoming Luddi pleasure expert, Jasmine Nielsen, to share why Luddi is a Top Shelf brand.

Jasmine Nielsen (she/her)

Co-Founder, Luddi
Wadjuk/Perth, Western Australia

"Hi, I'm Jasmine Nielsen, co-founder and one part of the trio behind Luddi. With a background in marketing and product design in sexual wellness, I lead this area within Luddi, dedicated to revolutionising the industry and making it accessible to all. I'm passionate about creating brands that go beyond products, driving Luddi to be the first mainstream sexual wellness brand focused on inclusivity and building an empowered community that challenges taboos and celebrates sexuality for all bodies."

Who are the other members of the Luddi team and how are they uniquely suited to help bring Luddi’s mission to life?

Robert Duff-Silsby, with a background in Psychology, is our community-driven powerhouse and has worked in countless roles within the disability space. As Luddi's representative in the start-up community, he's the keystone holding the brand together. Leading product development, he combines deep research with collaborative work alongside healthcare professionals, product developers, and our community. Currently, he's touring across Eastern Australia, representing Luddi at various expos and collecting invaluable direct feedback.

Zachary Nielsen, a physiotherapist and entrepreneur, has spent the last ten years devoted to the disability sector. Over time, he recognised a crucial gap in sexual health conversations for those with disabilities, as well as a lack of proper training and education for healthcare professionals in this area. So, at Luddi, Zach is driving our mission to create more inclusive sexual educational materials and pushing for further training for healthcare professionals, so they can better support their patients and their sexual needs.

If Luddi was a musical style, artist, or song?


What would you say are Luddi's core values – what makes you, ‘you’?

Our core values are inclusivity, education and innovation. We believe in creating a genuine community where everyone, irrespective of their gender, sexuality, age or ability feels seen, heard, welcomed and celebrated.

Can you tell us more about Luddi's mission and how it aims to empower the disability community through assistive technology and sexual education?

Luddi is an inclusive sexual wellness brand, with a core commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. We advocate for communities often sidelined in conversations about sexual wellness, ensuring they feel seen, heard, and welcomed. However, we aren't just a 'disabled sex toy brand' and strongly resist that label. We believe there shouldn't be brands for different bodies, but instead, more brands with products accessible to all. We aim to achieve this through innovative product design with accessibility at its core and by building an empowered community that welcomes everyone, challenges sexual taboos, and celebrates sexuality.

How does Luddi ensure that its products are accessible and inclusive to people of all gender identities, sexual experience levels, and abilities?

As proud as we are of Ziggy, like any product, they come down to personal preferences. What feels best for one person might not be the best for another, and that's okay. But let's break down the features that make our products more inclusive and accessible:


Multiple ways to use: Ziggy's versatile design can be used in many ways, offering a customized experience best suited to people's needs and preferences. Easy use from beginning to end: We've tried to make each step of using Ziggy more accessible - from picking it up, using, charging, storing, and cleaning, we've considered it all. Vibration Settings: Ziggy offers 8 varying vibration settings of speeds and patterns for users to explore, accommodating different preferences and sensitivities. Long-lasting power: Our charging station offers up to 40 hours of charge for your Ziggy. This means less frequent charging. Cordless charging convenience: Ziggy's wireless charging station eliminates the need for tangled cords and provides an easy charging experience. Braille button: The braille interface ensures that Ziggy is accessible to visually impaired users. High-quality materials: Made from medical-grade silicone, Ziggy is not only gentle on the skin but also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for individuals with sensitivities or allergies. Easy to clean: Ziggy is 100% waterproof, which makes cleaning easy and safe. Easy-to-read manual with illustrations: Ziggy comes with a user-friendly manual featuring clear illustrations and guidelines. This helps users understand how to make the most of their vibrator and care for it properly.

Can you discuss any challenges or obstacles that Luddi has faced in its mission to break sexual wellness barriers for the disability community, and how the company has addressed them?

Answering this question is a bit of a challenge, as the response to Luddi has been exceptionally positive. However, it's not without its trials, particularly around product pricing. Given the high-quality features we incorporate to ensure accessibility, this understandably affects the cost of the product. We understand that pricing can be a barrier for some people, but we're constantly striving to balance affordability with delivering a truly inclusive and high-quality product. Nevertheless, within the short six months since launch, we're proud of the progress we've made and are eagerly looking forward to how much more we can achieve through product design to be even more accessible and affordable!

How does Luddi work with the disability community to develop its products and educational initiatives, and ensure that the needs of the community are met?


Luddi collaborates with a diverse group of individuals, encompassing various genders, sexualities, ages, experiences, and abilities to obtain direct feedback on achieving our mission. We also work in partnership with a team of healthcare professionals to guide us in product development and education initiatives, ensuring we are equipped to speak inclusively and accessibly.

How does Luddi incorporate sustainability and ethical practices into its product development and business operations?

We are actively minimizing our environmental footprint through efficient manufacturing processes and by providing 100% recyclable packaging. As we look to the future, we're exploring more opportunities to further reduce our environmental impact, such as a recycling program for retired sex toys. In terms of ethical practices, we thoroughly vet all our manufacturers to ensure they uphold high ethical standards, including fair labor practices and safe working conditions. Though we currently operate as a small team, we are dedicated to promoting a fair, inclusive, and supportive work environment as we grow.

What sets Luddi apart from existing companies and products in the sexual wellness industry?

Luddi distinguishes itself as the first sexual wellness brand to prioritize inclusivity and accessibility at the core of its mission. With our debut product, Ziggy, we've innovatively integrated many inclusive features to cater to various needs and preferences. Yet, our aspirations extend beyond the realm of product creation. We are committed to driving a social movement and building an empowered community that challenges taboos and celebrates sexuality for all bodies.

Anything else you want to mention about Ziggy?!


Here's a fascinating fact about Ziggy. It comes with a unique feature — a wireless charging station, similar to Apple AirPods. We understand that managing cords can be a hassle, especially when it comes to charging a sex toy. Hence, we designed Ziggy to charge wirelessly. Simply place it on the station, and it starts charging, providing up to 40 hours of charge - that's, on average, over three months of use. As an added bonus, this charging station can also be used to power up your phone!

What does pleasure look like for you?

To me, pleasure is intertwined with self-love, exploration, and an understanding of one's body and desires. It's a beautifully personal journey, one that is as unique as we are. It extends beyond physical sensations, touching upon emotional fulfillment and the enrichment of self-awareness. In my eyes, the beauty of pleasure lies in its diversity. It's about realizing that each of us deserves the space, the freedom, and the resources to explore, experience, and express our unique interpretation of pleasure.

Any last words?

Let me end with a note of thanks. These questions have been truly enriching and thought-provoking. It's been a real joy to share our mission and journey with the Flossy community. Have a fantastic day, and keep inspiring us all.

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