Welcoming Foria Wellness to the flossy Top Shelf

Welcoming Foria Wellness to the flossy Top Shelf

Foria is on a mission to support lifelong sexual wellness and pleasure, rooted in the proven wisdom of plants. Their all-natural, 100% plant-based formulas have been changing lives since 2014, in the bedroom and beyond.
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Welcome to The Top Shelf – a flossy exclusive series where we dig into the best of the best, Top-Shelf-worthy intimacy wellness brands. Here on The Top Shelf, we provide insight into high-quality products that are designed to elevate whatever form of pleasure you desire.

As expert curators, flossy aims to inspire our community to support brands and products that prioritize their enjoyment, desire, and wellness. With a commitment to innovative design, clean, high-quality ingredients, and 100% body-safe materials, flossy's Top Shelf products are designed to elevate the pleasure of all people.

Today, we’re welcoming Foria expert, Casey Bowen, to share why Foria Wellness is a Top Shelf brand.

Casey Bowen (she/her)

Pleasure Expert, Foria Wellness
Arapaho & Chumash Land / Boulder, CO & Venice, CA

“I began my journey with Foria in 2018 as a client care specialist so that I could learn every detail about our products and also educate others on their unique uses. In 2020 I moved into my wholesale management role where I personally manage over 200 domestic boutique accounts as well as 14 international retail accounts.”

If Foria Was a musical style, artist, or song?

I would say that Foria would fit into many music genre categories. However, to me personally, I think of the soulful vocal stylings of the incredibly hip and sexy Erykah Badu since our most famous products are used during sensual/sultry experiences. Foria is definitely hip hop with a hint of indie/alt-rock to me. 

What would you say are Foria's core values – what makes you, ‘you’? 

  • Innovative, Clean, & Effective Products
  • Commitment to Education
  • Transparency
  • Social Impact

We’re on a mission to support lifelong sexual wellness and pleasure, rooted in the proven wisdom of plants. Our all-natural, 100% plant-based formulas have been changing lives since 2014, in the bedroom and beyond.

At Foria, we believe sex is an essential part of wellbeing, and our innovative approach to sexual pleasure, menstrual comfort, and daily wellness support universal, intimate experiences throughout the lifespan.

With an unwavering commitment to clean ingredients, organic & regenerative farming, and responsible packaging, we maintain the highest standards of purity and transparency – for your health and the health of our planet.

All our formulas have been inspired and developed based on feedback from our community. As Foria continues to evolve, our community remains a vital source of inspiration, and we welcome your feedback & encouragement. 

What makes Foria a Top Shelf brand?

Since the start of Foria in 2014, we've set out to lead the industry with the highest standards of quality, transparency, and sensitivity to our impact on global ecology. To this day we maintain an unwavering commitment to keeping a harmonious relationship with people, plants, and planet. 

  • From our farms to your bedside, our products have been handled with incredible care.
  • We source our hemp from Hudson Hemp, an organic, biodynamic, and regenerative family farm.
  • We use 100% plant-based ingredients — no synthetics ever
  • All ingredients are certified organic and/or grown pesticide-free=
  • We manufacture in a cGMP facility and do rigorous 3rd party lab testing on every batch.

We’ve designed low-impact packaging to enhance recyclability and minimize waste and plastic pollution. 

Tell us about one of Foria's stand-out products and how it prioritizes pleasure…

Photo of Foria Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD

Awaken Arousal Oil is our #1 Stunner! There are so many supplements out there for the arousal and pleasure of those with penises, but there had never been a product on the market that was specifically geared towards enhancing the arousal of the vulva (until Foria came on the scene). Awaken Arousal Oil is our cult favorite, with organic broad-spectrum CBD and 9 plant-based aphrodisiacs that work with the body to enhance pleasure & arousal and ease discomfort.

Formulated for women and people with vulvas, we use organic ingredients like Kava Root, Peppermint, and Cacao to increase blood flow to the clitoris while simultaneously stimulating all other senses to heighten the pleasure of touch whether that be solo or with a partner. The Kava also increases clitoral sensitivity while also stimulating the vulva’s natural lubrication production. Awaken has an incredible sensual scent profile and is incredible for oral sex with a partner as well!

Disclaimer: Due to their organic MCT coconut oil base, Foria products are not compatible with Latex but can be safely used with Lambskin & Polyurethane condoms instead.

Why is it important to support Top Shelf brands?

It’s important to support brands that are committed to not only sustainable practices, packaging, and sourcing of our products but that also continuously educate customers on how we can ALL show love to Mother Earth as a thank you for providing us with natural plant medicines.

“The future of Hemp and Cannabis is being determined today by the choices of a small handful of brands. We recognize the tremendous opportunity we have and are excited to play our part as responsible stewards of this amazing plant.”

What does pleasure look like for you?

I find pleasure in so much of what I do with Foria from tearing down taboos and educating all people on how they can better nurture and love their own bodies as well as the bodies of others. Using Foria products personally has changed my life both intimately and from a relief standpoint. I’ve suffered in silence (as most women do) with the excruciating pain of Endometriosis and was truly unaware of all the pleasure that I was missing out on until I found/started using Foria products. 

Like many other women, I not only suffer monthly with painful periods, but in my lifetime, I only knew painful sex (which absolutely is not “normal” but that I had come to accept for myself). Since I’ve found Relief Suppositories, Awaken Arousal Oil, and Intimacy Sex Oil I’ve been able to show myself so much more love and intimate joy, and, because of this – I’ve found a deeper connection to myself and my body. Pleasure has changed for me because of the relief that I’ve found by using Foria products and I am forever grateful.

Any last words?

I hope to spread the word to more women, men, and couples that Foria can change their lives as well! My goal is to get more plant medicine into the hands of more deserving people all over the world and to shed the silly taboos/break down Intimacy/Wellness/Relief barriers that have held us all back from Pleasure & Joy for centuries.

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