The 7 Best Sexual Wellness Apps and Websites

The 7 Best Sexual Wellness Apps and Websites

This week, we've compiled our top seven favourite sexual wellness apps and websites for those who are looking to take the next step in exploring themselves, their pleasure and their intimate relationships.

Now that pleasure for women and people with vulvas is starting (albeit slowly) to become more normalised, there is not shortage of people doing incredible work to bring even more awareness to gaps in knowledge and understanding in the space of sexual wellness.

This week, we've compiled our top seven favourite sexual wellness apps and websites for those who are looking to take the next step in exploring themselves, their pleasure and their intimate relationships.


Founder: Isharna Walsh

Description: An innovative new app that shows you how to have your best sex life through personalised lessons, guided exercises, real stories and more. With Coral you also get unrestricted access to your personalised journey, The Pulse (weekly sex tracker) and Coral’s community. Coral has some really wonderful exercises and conversation starters for date night to bring you closer to your partner!

Great for: Anyone interested in better sex. Coral makes sure all people are valued, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race or nationality.

Cost: Free 7 day trial + $59.99 USD ($84 AUD) yearly subscription

The Sex Ed

Founder: Liz Goldwyn

Description: A platform dedicated to sex, health and consciousness education. Browse sites, podcasts, library, sexpedia (aka sex encyclopedia) and guides – there's something for every different learning style! The cornerstone of their philosophy is considering sexual well-being from a holistic perspective that includes sexual health as an integral part of mind and body wellness.

Great for: Those seeking bite size info about the basics of sex ed!

Cost: Free plus paid book suggestions in the library.


Founders: Billie Quinlan and Dr Anna Hushlak

Description: Guided audio programs aimed specifically about how mindfulness plays into our overall experience of sex. Through the app, you will learn how to be present with your body and how to build sexual self-confidence through cognitive behavioural therapy.

Great for: People who looking to get more mindfully connected to their body and pleasure. Best for auditory learners.

Cost: Free 7 day trial | Monthly at £12.99 ($24 AUD) | Annual at £39.99 ($74 AUD) | Lifetime at £399.99 ($740 AUD)


Founder: Lyndsey Harper, MD

Description: Designed by doctors and psychologists for the 43% of women who have sexual problems and questions. Rosy is the first-of-its-kind platform offering women a holistic approach to sexual health and wellness. Find evidence-based interventions proven to improve sexual function as well as the technology to connect you with coaches in real-time. Rosy offers videos, classes, erotic stories and sex coaching. You can start by taking a class on sexual pain and then continue on to meet directly with a sex coach.

Great for: Those looking for both solo and partnered sexual wellness information but also information that feeds into your experience of pleasure – cue erotic stories!

Cost: Monthly at $9.99 | 6 Months for $49.99


Description: Sexual wellness app that places pleasure at the centre of the conversation. The Kama Method is a simple daily practice designed by in-house experts to recondition our mind, body, and heart to maximise pleasure and help everyone experience better orgasms. Kama’s holistic approach combines scientific learnings around neuroplasticity with psychosexual therapy, somatic awareness, and ancient wisdom. Kama Lab has many inclusive guides for couples, individuals, people with penises, and of course, people with vulvas.

Great for: All our pleasure enthusiasts out there – vulvas, penises and anything in between! If you are driven primarily by deepening your experience of pleasure, Kama Lab is a beautiful tool to do so.

Cost: Free

Lover App

Founder: Jas Bagnieswki

Description: Lover App is also the first sex therapy app to join the FDA’s Safer Technologies Program, allowing doctors to prescribe Lover as a safe, side-effect-free treatment for sexual dysfunction. From private consultations with experts to science-based exercises, Lover has everything you need to build a more pleasurable sex life.

Great for: Those looking for more in-depth, personalised sexual wellness support with goal setting and expert guidance along the way.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases.


Founders: Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins

Description: An online educational platform focused on exploring and teaching techniques related to women and people with vulvas. Two collections of techniques (Season 1 & 2) explain things like Edging – bigger orgasms by approaching and denying, and Surprise – defying expectation to enhance pleasure. OMGYes does a great job of sharing research, detailed instructional videos and then getting you to try it yourself with guided assistance!

Great for: People with vulvas who learn best visually and are looking to learn specific techniques to enhance pleasure.

Cost: Season 1: $59 (one time) | Season 2: $59 (one time) | Both: $95

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