Suction vibrators: Are they really worth the hype?

Suction vibrators: Are they really worth the hype?

Before starting flossy, Annie & I were next to novices when it came to sex toys. We had both only ever owned one or two vibrators that were either purchased as a result of a gals trip to the local sex shop when we had nothing else to do and thought it would be a laugh-worthy experience or as a result of a partner who made the suggestion to introduce a vibrator and prompted the online purchase. In both instances, neither of us were really approaching the purchase from a place of exploration and openness. It was a get in and out as quickly as possible kind of situation for me in the IRL sex shop and I remember looking at the rabbit vibrators and oddly shaped toys wide-eyed, responding to the store attendant with, "I think just something super small... that doesn't look like a sex toy at all."

So you can imagine our hesitance when we started flossy because part of finding the best of the best products meant learning about and testing (really hard work btw) pretty much every different type of product out there. Having only used products that traditionally vibrate, when we picked up Melt for the first time, we exchanged an ‘oh god - I don't know about this look. But then we remembered one shop attendant who had told us there was a Facebook group thread where people were having a competition of how high you could turn the suction-style vibe up without having an orgasm and a few people agreed they ‘couldn't last more than 7 seconds.

So, we set out to answer the question, “Are suction-style toys really worth the hype?" The main questions we felt needed answering before we could decide were as follows:

  1. "Do you think it feels like a vacuum on your clit??"
  2. "I wonder if the orgasm feels different?"
  3. "Is it better than a traditional vibrator?"

1. "Does it feel like a vacuum?"

To answer this, it's helpful to understand the mechanics behind suction-style toys.

Clitoral suction-style vibrators are sex toys with nozzles that use air pressure to generate suction force. So instead of a traditional vibration sensation from a motor that vibrates, the nozzle of suction-style vibrators rests around your clitoris **while the nozzle opening sits just over your clitoris so it doesn't actually touch the centre of your clitoris directly. Gentle vibrations suck and massage together to provide a completely different sensation. People often like to say it feels like oral sex, but in my opinion, it's much more focused and rhythmic unlike the softer, licking sensation typically associated with oral sex.

If you have a good vacuum, you might be worried about going to close to your charging cables because it'll gobble them right up, but even on the highest setting of a suction-style vibe, you don't have to worry at all about having to use force to remove your clitoris from the device. You will be able to easily remove and reposition the toy at any point without feeling any negative lasting impacts on your clitoris.

Answer: No. The feeling is more of a fluttering massage on your clitoris.

2. "Does the orgasm feel different?"

Looking at the entire sensation experience with a suction-style vibe is a bit more helpful than focusing on just the orgasm. From our experience and customer feedback, there's not an earth-shattering difference between an orgasm with a product that traditionally vibrates vs. a suction-style vibrator. Because the mechanism of a clitoral suction toy envelopes the clitoris and is much more targeted, the entire experience from start to finish can feel a bit more intense, including the orgasm. Sometimes it can even be a slightly longer-lasting orgasm, but the biggest difference is the orgasm trajectory.

With something like Melt, speed to climax can be much faster than a traditional vibrator, but it can also cause more arousal spikes during the session (higher peaks) which can almost feel overwhelming at times. A traditional vibrator with a pretty standard-sized stimulation area can have a more steady, predictable orgasm trajectory but when you embark on trying a suction-style toy, you'll want to be aware that the entire session might feel different: speed to orgasm, spikes on the way, the stronger intensity of sensations and possibly a longer, stronger orgasm. Lastly, suction-style vibes have been known (and loved!!) for providing multiple orgasms, that might only be ended by your toy running out of battery.

Answer: For some people, absolutely YES. And there is likely to be way more than one...

3. "Is it better than a traditional vibrator?"

We hate these answers as much as you do, but the truth is, it depends. Primarily because different vulva-owners prefer many different kinds of stimulation, intensity and features of a sex toy. If you're the kind of person who really enjoys direct external clitoral stimulation and have already tried a traditional vibrating toy (or two) and you're ready to explore new sensations you're very likely to think a suction-style vibrator provides unparalleled enjoyment.

Answer: Overall, they are not inherently better than traditional vibrators but they certainly are different... it's just that in most cases, different means "HOLY SHIT THAT WAS GOOD", different.

Are they really worth the hype?

We can confidently say, for most people, suction-style vibrators are INDEED worth the hype — as long as one important aspect is considered: quality!!! When it comes to clitoral-suction vibrators, you really do pay for what you get. We've tested every major suction-style vibe and it's beyond clear that the cheaper the toy, the less quality the mechanics of the suction will be (remember the massaging butterfly? Consider that the gold standard). Cheaper products will feel more vibratey vs. fluttery with a suctioning massage so we'd encourage you to invest in a quality product. Another consideration is the nozzle size and shape. Go for something that isn't too small or inflexible opening. You want it to feel soft and inviting to your clitoris!

The air-pressure technology is completely revolutionary within the space of sextech and typically with new innovations and technology comes improved experience. If you don't trust us, trust the fact that Melt is by far the #1 best seller at flossy. Here's what users had to say:

"This product is phenomenal! I’ve never felt anything like this."

"These orgasms are literally out of this world. Especially if you prefer external stimulation over internal, this one is for you!"

"Soooooooooo glad I was able to experience the kind of orgasm you get from the melt in my lifetime lol! Melt has made my orgasms that little greater and that tiny bit more intense!"

"Melt changes the orgasm game. I needed to be patient, and in a nice relaxed mood to let it's magic work. But if you give it the time it needs, it truly is magical. It’s unlike any orgasm I’ve ever had, the whole region feels stimulated, and the release is major."

Still have questions about suction-style vibrators? Feel free to book in a time to chat with flossy founders Annie & Caroline directly.

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