Are Expensive Sex Toys Worth the Splurge?

Are Expensive Sex Toys Worth the Splurge?

If you are looking to really get the most bang for your buck and make a statement that your pleasure is absolutely worth the investment, we would say it is. The caveat to this is that there are more than a few brands out there whose prices don't match the product quality.

We asked ourselves the same thing when we started flossy. It's hard to imagine coughing up $200 for a pair of shoes let alone something that's likely never going to get sported around town on a night out (but if you were to, this would be our rec).

So is it really necessary to spend that much on a vibrator? If you are looking to really get the most bang for your buck and make a statement that your pleasure is absolutely worth the investment, we would say it is. The caveat to this is that there are more than a few brands out there whose prices don't match the product quality. When you come across a site or in-person shop that feels salesy or sleazy, it can be a tip that they're not as committed to making sure you get a quality product you'll be satisfied with. Make sure the brand or company you're buying from has a transparent mission and experience you feel comfortable with.

Once the place you're buying from has been vetted and you're confident with them as a retailer, the following will apply to products that are on the more expensive end. They will typically have...

Better design

Shape: Which sounds better? Putting a toy on your sensitive bits that's rigid and inflexible or something that is flexible and bends to the shape of your own unique bits? You can get a rabbit vibrator for as cheap as $35 but compare it with one that is adjustable and contours to the shape of your own vagina and you'll wonder why you ever considered dabbling with the cheap as chips option.

Texture: More expensive toys are known for having a more quality hand-feel. When you pick up a vibrator-like Dip by Rosewell for example, you'll be able to tell the difference immediately between a cheaper alternative. The silicone is such high quality that it almost feels like velvet. You might not even need to turn it on to feel turned on by how it feels...!

User experience: Dame Products, has an entire arm of their business called Dame Labs where they conduct people-centred research around sex and pleasure. All of this backing Dame's mission of prioritising pleasure for women and people with vulvas to close the pleasure gap. This means they're truly focused on creating products they know will be loved. 

Safer materials

Body-safe silicone: This one can be tricky because there isn't any regulation of sex toy materials globally so you're never quite sure what you're getting. Any company or brand can slap body-safe silicone on the label and call it a day, so you want to be sure you do your research on the brands you are buying from. Send them a DM, email or read their FAQs page for more in-depth info about the silicone they are using. At flossy, we simply avoid brands that don't use materials that are actually 100% body-safe.

Non-porous: Porous toys are riskier than non-porous toys because porous toys have small holes that can trap moisture... the environment that our little microscopic frenemies really seem to love! Here's how to know if your toys are porous or non-porous.

Better features

Power: Not too unlike buying a Ford vs. a Ferrari, when you buy a more expensive toy, you're typically getting better quality junk in the trunk — cough cough 0 to orgasm in 3.5!

Depth of vibration: Most cheap vibrators have a more buzzy, surface-level vibration. With these products, you might be left feeling a little less than satisfied after your first few uses when you may wish you had spent a bit more on something that has more quality, rumbly vibration that lasts.

Waterproofing: More expensive toys have specific mechanisms to protect their motors and wiring from water. A cheaper toy may say it's waterproof or water-resistant but could prematurely crap out on you during your bathtime festivities.


More expensive products can actually save you money over time. Buying a cheap product will not only put you at risk of harmful materials and you'll likely have to replace it after 6 months. Buying one high-quality product that is likely to last for years if you are caring for it properly (i.e. cleaning well and storing correctly). And even if it isn't in tip-top shape at the 3-year mark, with a brand like Dame Products, you can still send it in to be replaced! In our experience, while highly unlikely, with most defective vibrators you'll be able to tell within the first few uses and with all the products we stock, you're covered for at least up to 12 months with a full replacement.

Here's the brand warranty breakdown at flossy:

  • Dame Products: 3 years
  • We-Vibe: 2 years
  • Rosewell: 2 years
  • Ohnut: 1 year
  • Le Wand Massager: 1 year

And finally, our hope is that instead of scrutinising the amount of money you're considering spending on a sex toy, you remember that any investment in your own pleasure is a radical act. Pleasure, unlike skincare, is solely an inside job — so today and every day, take the time to connect deeper to what pleasure means to you — no matter the price tag.

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