Elevating Intimacy with Modern Sexual Wellness Brand Rosewell

Elevating Intimacy with Modern Sexual Wellness Brand Rosewell

In all honesty, we've been swooning over Rosewell since day one. When we first started the journey to research and curate the absolute best of the best sexual wellness products, we were slightly discouraged that most of the brands we felt were nailing it (Dame, Le Wand, Maude, Unbound Babes) were all based outside of Australia... until we came across Rosewell. "Finally! A female-founded, Australian-based company who exists primarily with the goal of ditching the outdated, hypersexualised and graphic nature that often characterises the experience of buying sex toys.

While we knew Rosewell would be the most perfect fit for the Flossy retail experience, it took almost 6-months to finally sit down and chat with the amazing team - Alisha, Nissa, and Riannah - in person. Needless to say, these three are an absolutely dynamite team that are dedicated to changing the conversation around sexual wellness by designing high-quality, beautifully designed products that are designed to elevate intimacy.

We chatted with Rosewell about all things intimacy. Might we suggest lighting a candle and cozying up on the coach before reading on...

Flossy: How does Rosewell define intimacy?

Rosewell: Intimacy is a feeling of closeness, of connectedness. It’s a universal human experience, and like all humans, it’s incredibly diverse. So how that looks, how I experience intimacy versus how you do, that’s different to everybody.

Flossy: Why is intimacy important?

Rosewell: Think about your most treasured memory. Were you alone? The quality of our relationships shape our lives. We can have relationships without intimacy, and some are meant to be that way, but for our closest circles, a foundation of intimacy is the basis of a meaningful relationship.

Flossy: What barriers do we face to building intimacy?

Rosewell: We form intimate connections by opening up, being vulnerable. There’s nothing easy about vulnerability, but, that’s largely the point. Only a few people in the world have the privilege of getting to know you on a deep level, and the fact that it’s scary, that it can be hard to trust others - in the end, that’s what makes our relationships worthwhile.

Flossy: What are three ways people can explore/elevate intimacy?


  1. Get to know yourself - start by asking questions. What do you value? What is intimacy to you? With a foundation of knowing yourself, you’re better placed to explore and deepen your connections with others.
  2. Much of our relationships are habitual. Knowing this, we can explore deeper intimacy with others by changing up our routines. Instead of “How was your day”, we can ask, “What surprised you today?”. Think, what’s one small thing that I can do differently today?
  3. Explore your curiosity (in a safe, respectful, consenting way). If, for example, you are interested in trying a sex toy - you can research brands, find one that resonates with you for solo sex, or have a conversation with your partner and search together. What are you curious about?


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