"The Only Lube My Partner And I Use"

"The Only Lube My Partner And I Use"

drip is queer-founded and Australian-made and owned — sharing community-focused content which aims to help people in their exploration of what makes them feel sexy

Hugh Crothers (he/him)

Founder of drip
Melbourne /  Naarm

“I’m the founder of drip, but you could also describe me as the manager, sales & marketing coordinator, assistant, intern…”

What would you say are drip’s core values – what makes you, ‘you’?

drip is queer-founded and Australian-made and owned. We create really considered and needed products, but we’re also an educator - sharing community-focused content which aims to help people in their exploration of what makes them feel sexy. We sell products so we can keep making great, educative, and thought-provoking content for the curious and diverse.

Can you elaborate on drip's main goal of 'reducing friction'

We refer to friction as the things that are stopping you from experiencing pleasure. It might be shame, vulnerability, or trauma, but it also might be sex drive, body image, or even sourcing a partner. We are here to reduce that ‘friction’.

Another way to explain it; if you and pleasure sit a gaps width apart; how do we get you closer?

We aim to do this in two ways - our content and our products. The content is pushing boundaries to extend you emotionally, physically, and psychologically to understand further what will allow you to feel more pleasure and feel horny. Our products then become your little sidekick; they're next to you when you need them, in convenient sizes, with lockable tops, and sexy packaging that isn’t embarrassing and made from superior formulations. We have thoroughly considered everything in our products and tested them, many times. This means you can access pleasure whenever you want it.

Was there a moment in your own life when ‘friction’ around sex and/or pleasure arose? How did this shape your journey to starting drip?

Oh, I think there are those moments in everyone’s lives all the time, and on multiple levels. If you’re single there might be friction around your performance in hook-up culture. Similarly, if you’re in a long-term relationship this friction might be around putting in the effort to continually have sex after so many years together. If you’re in an open relationship, you’re dealing with both of those points of friction, continually.

When I was younger this friction was very different and was really based on ignorance. I’d spend nights out while at uni as an ignorant 19-year-old trying to go home with men - after a night of drinking jugs of beer followed by a late-night kebab to then hopefully engage in elaborate butt play! I really wasn’t setting myself up for success there. I had no one to tell me that either, so it was lots of lived experience that evolved and changed my behavior. I think shame and ignorance were the two biggest points of friction back then. This friction is everywhere though, and for much more sexually experienced people this might be meeting a kinkster for an encounter that feels like they push you and your limits and break down some of this friction.

drip is a love letter to this younger self. A letter to a lonely, ignorant, inexperienced, queer 18-year-old who knows very little through no fault of their own. I want it to be the advice a queer, fun aunt or uncle would give, that I never had. Over time I want drip(feed) to become a collection of hundreds of aunts and uncles who are all sage in their own areas which start to build an archive of this zeitgeist around sex.

What makes drip a Top Shelf brand?

drip is primarily a content brand. We sell products so we can create content no one else is creating. We center queer bodies, fat bodies, hairy, imperfect, and real because let's face it, that’s most of us.

We believe if you can get closer to your bliss around sex, you’re a better human, partner, friend, son, daughter, mother, father, neighbor, and colleague. Once you feel fulfilled sexually so much else in your life feels fantastic. It’s our aim as a content platform to encourage exploration where nothing is taboo or weird if you’re a consenting adult.

Tell us about one of drip’s stand-out products and how it prioritizes pleasure…

Our content is a ‘product’ and the one I am most proud of. But if you’re talking purchasable/consumable products, then it would have to be our oil-based 30ml. This one really feels sexy. Like all our products, it’s made here in Melbourne, vegan, glycerine-free, and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. The packaging is discreet, sexy, lockable, RPET, and serum pump (so you’re not swimming in it!). The formulation of Australian-certified organic fractionated coconut oil, ximenia seed oil, hemp seed oil, argon oil, and kiwi seed oil, is packed with Australian botanicals and feels fantastic before, during, and after sex. It’s the only lube my partner and I use now. The size is fantastic to go everywhere with you, great for spontaneous sex and hookups (the lockable top means no mess).

Why is it important to support Top Shelf brands?

When you buy a drip product, you’re supporting drip(feed). We release fortnightly content both articles and music mixes to have sex to. We are building a resource for sexual explorers, those who want to learn about pleasure, kink, queer sexual practices, and culture. We are here to elevate unseen, unheard voices around sex. We don’t use words like ‘diversity’ or ‘inclusive’, because we believe all people are sexy and that everyone deserves to experience pleasure. We pay all of our content contributors market rates, so they can get their message out in the world. We aim to provide free, informed, expert, and educational content for everyone, and by purchasing our products you are supporting us to continue to make this content available to all.

What does pleasure look like for you?

For me, pleasure takes so many forms. I get a lot of pleasure from food - preparing it, sharing it, and eating it.

I also get a lot of pleasure from textures such as velvet, carpet, leather, stone, timber, plants, leaves, stones. I was previously an interior designer so I do love a shag pile rug or a velvet chair.

If we’re talking sex though, it’s sex without shame. It’s being able to ask for what you want without any fear of judgment from your partner or partners. It’s an uninhibited, connected, vulnerable pleasure.

I love experiencing intimacy with men that’s connected, stinks like BO, and has the texture of soft skin contrasted with unmanicured hair. It’s clumsy, funny, slow, fast, hard, soft and there is lots of kissing involved.

If it’s self-pleasure we’re talking about, it’s a long process and I love reading stories to get me off. I’m not a porn guy, but I love a well-written piece about a sexual experience.

Any last thoughts?

I feel like this might be preaching to the choir if you’re reading this on Flossy, but I really recommend valuing and engaging with intimacy/sex products and brands.

Once you start exploring there’s really unlimited potential around what you might discover about yourself, your partner/s, and your life. Accepting 7/11 purchased lube as the standard is not good enough for you and your body! We expect so much more from other categories (cosmetics, fragrance, etc) but not when it comes to sex. Demand better. Support local brands who want to build a better world rather than big pharma brands who just want to sell you a sub-par mass-produced product range.

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