What Makes Anal Play So Pleasurable?

What Makes Anal Play So Pleasurable?

What makes booty play so pleasurable? Is it different for people with penises vs. people with vulvas? How does one properly prepare for booty play? We chat with B-Vibe Education Director, Tracey Felder to find out!
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What makes booty play so pleasurable? Is it different for people with penises vs. people with vulvas? How does one properly prepare for booty play?

These are the questions we took to b-Vibe Education Director Tracy Felder – pleasure advocate and expert in all things booty play.

What Makes Booty Play So Pleasurable?

We like to think of the booty as the great equalizer — everyone has one. Therefore, everyone has the potential to explore and enjoy. People with penises will usually find anal fingering particularly pleasurable because it can lead to the stimulation of the prostate, which is the equivalent of a vulva owner's g-spot. The g-spot is the equivalent of the penis owner's prostate, demonstrating similar traits and functions; all vulva owners have one and are capable of ejaculating prostatic fluid.

Booty Pleasure: People With Penises

What makes it pleasurable?

The prostate (aka the p-spot) is a small gland in the male reproductive system. It produces the milky-like fluid that combines with sperm to form ejaculate.

Where is the prostate located?

The p-spot can be found 2-4 inches inside the rectum along the wall closest to the belly button. It’s easier to find when aroused as it fills with fluid and is easier to find.

Why does p-spot stimulation feel so good?

Similar to g-spot stimulation for vulva owners, p-spot stimulation for penis owners offers a deeper sense of releasing muscle contractions that resonate further in the body. But just as everyone’s anatomy is different, it can take a lot of exploration to find the pleasure sweet spot and some people may not experience pleasure as intensely as others.

Booty Pleasure: People With Vulvas

For many women and people with vulvas, the clitoris nerve endings extend all the way down to the anus meaning anal stimulation can be quite pleasurable.

For women and people with vulvas, anal play can feel quite different from vaginal penetration. The key for everyone participating in booty play is LUBE! For penetration without anything but silicone toys, we suggested a high-quality silicone based lubricant. For play with silicone toys, a water-based option is preffered as you don't have to worry about them breaking down the toy's silicone.

Can women orgasm from anal penetration?

Anal orgasms are in fact possible via indirect stimulation of the g-spot. While all anatomy is different, toys or penises inserted into the anus can stimulate the g-spot through the tissues of the rectum and vagina.

Curious about how to prepare for booty play? Read our 5-step guide!

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