This Lube Feels Like an Extension of You

This Lube Feels Like an Extension of You

No more glow-in-the-dark lube in the bottom of your sock drawer; collecting dust and giving you yeast infections. Introducing: FIGR.

Eloise O & Eloise M(both she/her)

Co-Founders of Aussie-Based sexual wellness brand, FIGR
Naarm/Melbourne, Australia

"FIGR started with us just figuring out how to run a business. Now our roles have bled into more - Eloise O running financial, fulfillment & social platforms. While Eloise M runs the design, creative & branding side of FIGR."

If FIGR were a musical style, artist, or song?

If FIGR Was a Musical Style, Artist, or Song? FIGR doesn’t have a particular music style. But we envision it to be this song. Mondo Bongo by Joe Stummer & The Mescaleros. It’s sexy & takes you somewhere. 

What would you say are FIGR’s core values – what makes you, ‘you’?

I think for us it’s always to be fucking authentic & bold. What Makes FIGR a Top Shelf brand? FIGR is a female-founded, self-funded brand. This was created when there wasn’t anything else on the market. Every inch of FIGR, from the vessel to the ingredients, to the branding have been thoughtfully made & selected by us so that our customer can use a product that feels like an extension of them.

Tell us about one of FIGR’s stand-out products and how it prioritizes pleasure…

We’ve made lube beautiful, sustainable & good for your body. It’s completely different from what it was a few years ago. No more glow-in-the-dark lube in the bottom of your sock drawer; collecting dust & giving you yeast infections! No more shame when you bring it up to a partner that you need to use lube. FIGR remains a permanent position on your bedside table, ready for you.

Why is it important to support top shelf brands?

Your support for Top Shelf brands makes a dent in the market for more space. It creates the environment for quality & care over quantity & profit.

What does pleasure look like for you?

Eloise O’Sullivan: Pleasure is something that gives me that fuzzy feeling all over my body. It’s as simple as that.

Eloise McCullough: Pleasure for me goes beyond just sexual pleasure. It’s the feeling I get when I’m feeling 100% my authentic self and comfortable in my skin—genuine connection and understanding between friends, lovers, strangers, and sometimes myself.

Any last words?


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