Welcoming Uberlube to the flossy Top Shelf

Welcoming Uberlube to the flossy Top Shelf

From pleasure enhancement, where sensation is priority, to sexual wellness via body-friendly ingredients for folks with sensitivities and the shifts that come with aging, Uberlube values inclusivity with the intention of supporting better sex for all.

Welcome to The Top Shelf – a flossy exclusive series where we dig into the best of the best, Top-Shelf-worthy intimacy wellness brands. Here on The Top Shelf, we provide insight into high-quality products that are designed to elevate whatever form of pleasure you desire.

As expert curators, flossy aims to inspire our community to support brands and products that prioritize their enjoyment, desire, and wellness. With a commitment to innovative design, clean, high-quality ingredients, and 100% body-safe materials, flossy's Top Shelf products are designed to elevate the pleasure of all people.

Today, we’re welcoming Uberlube pleasure expert, Amy Baldwin, to share why Uberlube is a Top Shelf brand.

Amy Baldwin (she/her)

Lead Educator for Uberlube
Awasas and Ohlone / Santa Cruz, California

“My name is Amy, Certified Sex Educator - voted 2022’s Sexpert of the Year within the Pleasure Industry – Co-Host of the Shameless Sex Podcast, and Lead Educator for Uberlube."

For the past 9+ years, Amy has combined her years of training in sex education alongside her experience in the pleasure product field, offering a sex-positive perspective as a longstanding representative of Uberlube.

If Uberlube was a musical style, artist, or song?

What would you say are Uberlube's core values – what makes you, ‘you’? 

Uberlube was created with deep consideration for the diverse array of experiences people of all genders and ages from 18 to 80+ may desire when it comes to intimacy. From pleasure enhancement where sensation is priority, to sexual wellness via body-friendly ingredients for folks with sensitivities such as the shifts that come with aging and other changes occurring in the body, Uberlube values inclusivity with the intention of supporting better sex for all.

What makes Uberlube a Top Shelf brand?

  • Made of four clean ingredients - high-grade silicone and a little vitamin e for a velvety feel
  • Long-lasting with the ability to blend into the skin, giving the user control over duration and performance
  • Beautiful yet discreet bottle with a bio-static metered pump top
  • Over 3000+ medical professionals, therapists, etc. in the US alone refer Uberlube to their patients
  • Can be used beyond sex for massage, taming those hair frizzies, chafing from sweat or sport, and more!

Tell us about one of Uberlube’s stand-out products and how it prioritizes pleasure… 

Photo of Uberlube

Uberlube is one formula that comes in many forms. Uberlube comes in multiple sizes, is curated with a unique formula to enhance pleasure by reducing friction without interfering with skin-on-skin contact.

Why is it important to support Top Shelf brands?

Our genitals are mucous membranes with the ability to absorb just about anything they come in contact with, meaning they deserve exceptional consideration and care when it comes to choosing your pleasure products. Most top-shelf brands – with Uberlube being among them – strongly value sexual wellness alongside pleasure by only using high-quality and body-friendly materials.

What does pleasure look like for you?

I believe pleasure is a unique experience for each individual. It really has no beginning and no end, nor is there one right way to experience or identify with pleasure. I agree with many other sex educators when they say, “all consensual sex is good sex”. As long as all parties – from solo sessions to partnered sex to group play – are consenting to the experiences they are having, their expression and perception of sex and pleasure just add to the many beautiful aspects of what makes each human being wonderfully unique.

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