Welcoming Ohnut to the flossy Top Shelf

Welcoming Ohnut to the flossy Top Shelf

Ohnut gives couples the ability to stack 1 to 4 soft rings around a penetrating partner (ie. a penis, dilator, etc.), which compress down, like a buffer – think Fisher-Price donut stacking toy, but stretchy and sophisticated.
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Welcome to The Top Shelf – a flossy exclusive series where we dig into the best of the best, Top-Shelf-Worthy intimacy wellness brands. Here on The Top Shelf, we provide insight into high-quality products that are designed to elevate whatever form of pleasure you desire.

As expert curators, flossy aims to inspire our community to support brands and products that prioritize their enjoyment, desire, and wellness. With a commitment to innovative design, clean, high-quality ingredients, and 100% body-safe materials, flossy's Top Shelf products are designed to elevate the pleasure of all people.

Today, we’re welcoming Ohnut expert, Emily Sauer to share why Ohnut is a Top Shelf brand.

Emily Sauer (she/her)

CEO / Founder / Chief Inventor of Ohnut!
Lenape lands / New York, NY

If Ohnut was a musical style, artist, or song?

Easy Like Sunday Morning ☀️

What would you say are Ohnut’s core values – what makes you, ‘you’? 

Feeling seen, appreciated, and loved for exactly who we are, wherever we’re at with our bodies is an integral core value to us. This product sprung from my own well of frustration, shame, and insecurity about my body after years of dealing with painful sex in silence. We’re so cognizant in our approach to meet people where they’re at – and I think that’s what makes us special.

What makes Ohnut a Top Shelf brand?

The lack of education and funding around women's pelvic health, particularly around sex, has led an entire population to feel unsupported, ashamed, and unable to make empowered decisions about our health. Endometriosis, new moms, menopausal women, cancer patients, even everyday folks who feel stressed on Mondays – 75% of women will have painful sex in their lifetime. Then again, we wouldn't know based on how little we talk about it. 

Ohnut is uplifting the conversation about sexual health as a matter of health, with mission-driven wearables that advocate for patient care and human connection. Since our launch, we've seen a snowball of press, emotionally triumphant reviews, and a chorus of "it's about damn time".

Tell us about one of Ohnut’s stand-out products and how it prioritizes pleasure…

ohnut buffer rings

Well of course we have to talk about Ohnut itself! Created in collaboration with renowned pelvic specialists Ohnut is changing the conversation about discomfort during sex with our flagship mission-driven wearable that customizes penetration depth.

For those experiencing pain when penetration goes too deep, Ohnut gives couples the ability to stack 1 to 4 soft rings around a penetrating partner (ie. a penis, dilator, etc.), which compress down, like a buffer – think Fisher-Price donut stacking toy, but stretchy and sophisticated. Rings stay outside the body and can be added or removed at any time during any position so that you can control – how much goes in. It’s a new way to explore what depths feel good for both partners.

Why is it important to support Top Shelf brands?

It’s so important to acknowledge the contributions of the sexual health and wellness community – especially, brands that are for people with vaginas are founded by people with vaginas. We are huge cheerleaders for all the amazing brands in this space!

What does pleasure look like for you? 

To me, pleasure is so much more than sex. It’s the little moments – the soft reassuring squeeze from my partner after a long day, the playful tickle of a foot sticking out of a blanket, the connection that comes with a great meal shared with friends. Part of what Ohnut does so well is reframing what sex looks like for people, and it allows more communication, collaboration, openness, and intimacy. That’s what pleasure is to me.

Any last words?

One of the superpowers I'm most proud of is my ability to create catalysts that spark human connection. With that said, my big audacious goal is to live my life, not as a workaholic striving for explosive money-driven growth, but as a person who cares deeply about the well-being of others. It is from that foundation that a healthy team, healthy ideas, and creative solutions are born.

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