What do Pilates and Pleasure Have in Common?

What do Pilates and Pleasure Have in Common?

We wondered the same thing! So a few weeks back we decided to go the pilates queen herself — Cat Webb — Pilates Instructor and Owner of Melbourne-based Pilates Studio Good Times Pilates. After chatting with her for only a few minutes, it was clear that the phrase one cool cat was created to describe her. Warm, clever and grounded in feeling good are ways to describe Cat as well as the friendly pilates studio vibe she has cultivated.

Given that feeling good in your body is one of the ultimate ways to get in tune with your pleasure potential, we knew we needed Cat's help to show us how Pilates as a movement practice can be used to deepen the exploration and experience of pleasure.

Q & A with Cat

flossy: Tell us a little about how you got to where you are today with GTP and what continues to motivate you in your work?

Cat: After being a Pilates client and teacher for years, I found myself wanting. I wanted a space to move in that was more focused on the humans, on building a community, rather than the method, the form, the perfection of Pilates.

My motivation continues to develop and grow as our community gets bigger and as we all grow and develop and learn together.

I’m continually motivated by our community. Their ability to show up and give things a go, the fact that they allow me (and the team) to facilitate a feel-good movement experience for them. The gratitude, love and sympathetic joy I feel for them keeps me going.

flossy: What sets GTP apart from other movement studios and practices?

Cat: Good Times is a chilled-out and conscious community that values embodied joy, movement and play. We offer inclusive movement because we believe that Pilates is for everybody.

I think a lot of the time in business and Pilates there is this expectation that things need to be perfect and put together. In the fitness industry, there is a horrible undertone of shame as a way to motivate people and a belief that to be good enough you have to reach this unattainable ‘aspirational’ body. Not only is it all so vapid and boring, but it’s also actually highly damaging. I wanted to create a space that did everything in its power to go against that. A space where movement is allowed to be whatever you want it to be on the day, there are no expectations. At Good Times we focus on facilitating a movement experience free of shame and movement fear, that’s empowering and joyful, that doesn’t pretend or perform and instead welcomes you to have a human experience.

flossy: What helps you to feel at home in your body?

Cat: I feel most at home in my body right now when I’m teaching Pilates online. The combination of being connected with our community, my own feel-good movement experience and the joy I feel at being able to facilitate that experience for others makes me feel alive, centred and the most myself.

Pilates Movements to Enhance Your Pleasure

Pose 1: Boot Strapper

Pose 2: Seated Forward Stretch

Pose 3: Legs Overhead

Pose 4: Squats with heels raised

Pose 5: Wide stance lunges

On behalf of flossy and Good Times Pilates, we want to remind you that today and every day, EVERY BODY’S FREE TO FEEL GOOD.

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