The 5 Pleasure Languages

The 5 Pleasure Languages

Discover your pleasure language: The Pleasure Languages are based on the many fundamentals. We chat Somatic Sexologist, Anthea Balfour.

The Pleasure Languages are based on the following fundamentals:

  1. Our sensory experience (touch, taste, sound, smell & sight)
  2. Our emotional experience
  3. Our mental /intellectual experience
  4. Our physical experience (the body in its element – fire/water/air/earth)
  5. Freud's Psychosexual Stages of Development

At any given moment the above faculties are at play and contribute to how we feel about ourselves and others & how open we are to receiving and giving pleasure.

The 5 Pleasure Languages

Play 🌸

You introduce the sensational/sensory aspect of finding your pleasure because it takes you directly into your primal physical body, and enables you to explore and discover, like a child on a playground. Using your sensory nature, you can explore the abundance of pleasure that can be aroused within us in various ways.

If you're a curious cat, that loves to explore your environment, find yourself in your head a lot and consider yourself to be inquisitive, play as a pleasure language may be for you! 

Amplify Your Play

Solo: Consider what sensory things turn you on, introduce them into your self-pleasure practice - perhaps essential oils, lotions, your favorite food, favorite fabric, etc.

With another: Why not try feeding each other, introducing music and touch, discovering an outside space you might want to explore, or try going to an Erotic Cinema together.

With Pleasure Products:  

  • Kip: a flutter-tip bullet vibe that allows you to explore new pleasures.
  • Le Wand Feel My Power: a play and powerfully designed, wand vibrator that unlocks an abundance of pleasure.

Sensuality 🔥

Our skin is the largest organ on our body and an essential pathway to pleasure, for those who love to be touched, kissed, explored, and adored, allow yourself to be draped in the sensual nature of life, you speak the language of Sensuality. Introducing the 4 elements into your sexual experiences will satisfy your need to feel and be felt.

Amplify Your Sensuality

Think about the 4 elements – earth/fire/air and water as you read on. 

Solo: Self-pleasure in the shower or bath, go out into nature or the ocean when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, indulge in breathwork – paying close attention to the breath on your skin, light candles in your room & around your home.

With Another: Does the idea of hot wax dripping on your skin excite you, perhaps it's the fire element in you that's bursting to be expressed? Why not get your partner to wash your hair, or gently blow on your skin.

With Pleasure Products:

  • Drift: A warming bullet vibrator to open your body to receiving pleasure
  • OhMyC: A swirling pearl massager for a slow build and deeply sensual experience
  • Touch X: A powerfully compact vibrator that despite its size allows for full-body sensation
  • Ignite Candle: allow scents of blood orange and grapefruit to invigorate your senses

Taboo 🪢

Your pleasure is the pathway to self-fulfillment and for many, fulfillment is breaking boundaries, pushing the envelope, and exploring the hidden. If the idea of being naughty, provocative or controversial ignites a mischievous smile in you, you speak the language of Taboo. When we consciously practice engaging in our hidden erotic world, it can offer a gateway to personal growth.

Amplify Your Taboo

Solo: Practice the art of being polarising, write about your secret pleasures, and put it out in the public domain anonymously.

With Another: Explore & indulge in your wildest fantasies. Attend sex club together or ask your partner to watch you engage in a sexual experience with yourself or another.

With Pleasure Products:

  • Baci: Our most powerful suction vibrator to push your pleasure boundaries
  • Novice Plug: Explore novelty and alternative sensations with this vibrating anal plug
  • Arc: A powerful and sleek 2-in-1 clitoral and g-spot vibrator to indulge in feeling good
  • Kushi: An ultra-soft, ribbed vibrator for a truly provocative pleasure experience

Surrender ✨

If you want nothing more than to be completely open and at the mercy of your desires and your lovers, you speak the language of Surrender. To surrender is your pleasure pathway to experience yourself completely in your body in trust. Surrender is the art of devotion to your wants, needs, and passions, and giving yourself over to them. you are absolutely excited by immersing yourself and giving it your all to anything and everything you put your mind to. You embrace relinquishing control. 

Amplify Your Surrender

Solo: Meditative Self Pleasure, indulging in art, dance and finding ways to let yourself go will ignite this pleasure pathway within you.

With Another: Indulge in the practice of Shibari (Japanese art of rope bondage)

With Pleasure Products:

  • Nova: Simultaneously stimulate your clitoris and g-spot and surrender to whole-body sensation
  • Aer: A powerful suction vibrator designed for complete pleasure immersion
  • FIGR Fluid: This all-natural lubricant slips perfectly between a partner or a product for whatever pleasure pathway you desire
  • Com: A wand-vibrator that follows the contours of your body; Com’s sensations prompt complete surrender to pleasure

Connection 🫂 

If you speak the language of connection, you consider yourself to be emotionally sensitive and aware. Your deepest desire and turn-on is to be met, seen, and felt beyond your physical body and feel very satisfied expressing your sexual nature in the depth of intimate experiences, you'll find that getting beneath the skin of the object of your attention arouses you whether that's a lover or a personal pursuit. You're at your most open and receptive when you know you can bring all of yourself to your experiences.

Amplify Your Connection

Solo: Journal your feelings, noting what pleasurable experiences you need to shift from negative emotions to positive ones i.e. When I feel xxxx I need xxxx to feel pleasure.

With Another: Before engaging in any physical contact invite your partner to express how they're feeling and express yourself. Breathe and eye gaze together.

With Pleasure Products:

  • Fin: A wearable finger vibrator to amplify whatever flavor of connection you desire
  • Uberlube: Vegan, odorless, and oral safe, Uberlube is designed to connect you more deeply to yourself or another
  • Ohnut: These wearable, stackable, silicone rings provide a pain-free buffer so you can focus on bringing your most pleasurable self to any sensual experience
  • Dip: A palm-sized bullet vibrator that slips perfectly between partners for an elevated experience

Explore your unique pleasure language here.

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